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Pinnacle Scholars' Academy, which was established 2055 B.S. is a co-educational English Medium Boarding High School that is situated on the enchanted heights of Kalanki, Kathmandu, The school has been running a long term and well-planned programs, counseling, training and  guiding the students so as to enable them to become responsible and dutiful citizens of the nation. The school also focuses on the creativity of individual. Group work and project work to meet the needs of learners and parents and skill demands of the nation. Apart from this, the school provides Extra Curricular Activities fro the solid foundation of moral, ethical and scientific approach to the young children. Computer program is also being launched to produce independent students to compete with the age of electronics. 

With the passage of time, the school has come across may ups and downs. The first great achievement was achieved in 2060 B.S. when the first SLC Batch of this school passed the SLC Board Examination with remarkable 100% First Division. In the similar way, the SLC Batches of 2061 B.S. and 2062 B.S. also added another brick-stones in the successful history of the school by securing a 100% result with Distinction and First Division. The chief glory of school lies in the hands of the SLC Batch-2063 B.S. Prajut Dallakot, a milestone in the history of Pinnacle Scholars' Academy, secured an outstanding result with 90.75% standing in 7th position among the toppers of the SLC Batch 2063 B.S. Kathmandu PABSON awarded him as be was the top scorer in Compulsory English (93%) and Computer Science (99%) among the schools under Kathmandu PABSON. The same batch, with Herculean efforts, was able to achieve the excellent 100% result with 52% Distinction and 48% First Division. This Success of glory was only possible with the triangular co-ordination between teachers, parents and students. As a result of this achievement, now the school is able to construct a very attractive building of its own to run the teaching and learning activities smoothly and provided the students with different kinds of facilities.

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